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  • Free Credit Education for Clients

    At Eron Epstein Bankruptcy Attorney, we know that your bankruptcy is only part of your concern: You also want to get back to a normal life. This includes rebuilding your credit score to 720 as fast as possible.

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  • Bankruptcy Discharge Myths

    Bankruptcy promises a financial "fresh start," an opportunity to start over without the burdens of oppressive debt. The debtor obtains a fresh start from a discharge of debts at the end of his or her bankruptcy case. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad information being passed around about the scope of the bankruptcy discharge. Below are a few common bankruptcy discharge myths:

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  • When Your Credit Card Company Sues

    Personal credit cards are relatively easy to obtain, but credit card debt can get quickly out of control. Just one missed payment can damage your credit. If you are unable to pay your monthly payments, your card company may close your account, declare the debt defaulted, and raise your interest rate (often to 28% or more!). Your creditor or a third party collector can harass you with phone calls at home and at work, and eventually you will be sued for the debt.

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