5 Tips to Defeating Traveling Woes & Holiday Traffic for Smooth Memorial Day Travel
This year AAA has estimated that nearly 42 million individuals will be kicking off summer with a Memorial Day Getaway. Unfortunately, this is being accompanied by the highest gas prices we have seen since 2014. However, this high cost is not deterring any travelers, so this weekend you should prepare for more traffic, higher gas prices, and a possible headache. The good news is we have compiled a few money saving tips to help guide you through this hectic weekend, and help you enjoy your summer kick off.
Timing is Everything
As you know avoiding the heaviest flows of traffic is key to a stress-free road trip. It is already stressful enough navigating rush hour but on major holidays delays on major roads triple. The busiest days this year are going to be Thursday or Friday, May 24-25 according to INRIX. So, do your best to avoid the hustle and bustle. If you are dead set on leaving Thursday, then try to leave either really early Thursday morning or late Thursday evening. The same thing goes for Friday. The key is to avoid the rush hour times that will have commuters trying to rush home and travelers trying to rush to their destinations.
Avoid Traffic Jams at All Costs
Your smartphone GPS is your best friend during times like these. It can give you a heads up on traffic jams and give you an alternate route to save time and gas. Avoiding these jams even if it adds a few minutes to your trip time can save you on gas in the long run. Did you know that you burn more gas idling in your car? When your car is idling, your car is at its least efficient because your mileage is effectively zero.
Don’t Punch the Accelerator < br /> On the other side of the spectrum, aggressive driving wastes fuel. Drivers who keep their cool and adopt a calm driving style could save anywhere between 33% to 38% on gas. Drive like you would if you had a cup of hot coffee in your hand. If the coffee doesn’t spill you are driving calm.
Get the Best Bang for Your Buck
Downloading and using gas price apps can help you find the best gas prices and save you money. Examples of these apps include GasBuddy and the AAA mobile app.
Plan, Plan, Plan
It is all about planning. Planning the fastest routes, planning your gas breaks and rest stops, and planning what time you should leave. Taking the time to plan an itinerary could not only save you money on travel but it could also save you a headache and unwanted stress.
Don’t let stressful traveling ruin your summer kickoff, and remember drive safe, save where you can, and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.
Written By: Rebecca Kidd