How Bankruptcy is Better Than Debt Consolidation in Chattanooga

Managing overwhelming debt is a daunting challenge faced by many individuals and families. When financial pressures become unmanageable, people often consider debt relief options such as debt consolidation or filing for bankruptcy. From an attorney’s perspective in Chattanooga, TN, bankruptcy can offer more comprehensive and long-lasting relief compared to debt consolidation. This article explores why Full Article +

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The Spender vs. The Saver

Tips and Tricks to Navigate Money Problems in Marriage You are the type of person who counts every penny, saves every receipt, and is genuinely proud of their saving ways. And you finally found the person who completes you in every way except for one thing…your partner is a spender. With money and finances being Full Article +

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5 Tips to Defeating Traveling Woes

5 Tips to Defeating Traveling Woes & Holiday Traffic for Smooth Memorial Day Travel This year AAA has estimated that nearly 42 million individuals will be kicking off summer with a Memorial Day Getaway. Unfortunately, this is being accompanied by the highest gas prices we have seen since 2014. However, this high cost is not Full Article +

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Debt by Generation

The Generation with the Most is Not Who You Think. If someone were to ask you which generation they thought struggled the most with debt many would have the same answer…Millennials. It has been thought over the years that Millennials and younger generations were the ones struggling financially. Digging themselves into holes that could not Full Article +

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Student Debt – A Growing Epidemic

Over 40 million people in the U.S. are struggling with student debt every day, and that number continues to grow. At the time, you thought you were making the right decision by choosing to go to school. You knew that student loans were inevitable, but the consequences of those loans were more dire than you Full Article +

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Zombie Debt Collectors

Who They Are & What You Can Do Unless you have been living under a rock you know what a zombie is. These resurrected creatures are nearly impossible to kill and will follow you despite your best efforts to stop them. This can, unfortunately, be true for some old debts. Just like regular zombies, a Full Article +

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