How do I make an appointment?

All appointments for your first consultation are made by phone. Simply call our offices at 423-752-3000 between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm eastern standard time, and we’ll be happy to put you on the schedule.

How long should I schedule for the appointment?

Depending on the complexity of your situation, and the amount of information we need to gather and organize to evaluate your prospective case you should block out about 2-1/2 hours. (We prefer children not attend the initial consultation unless this would cause undo hardship. There is a great deal of information to review and any distraction may increase the time needed to complete the consultation)

Who needs to attend the appointment?

If you are considering an individual filing for Chapter 7 or 13 you are the only one who needs to attend the consultation. If you and your spouse have any joint debts that you may include in a possible filing both of you must be at the appointment. We encourage any married couples where either party is considering bankruptcy to come to the initial consultation together.

What financial information, bills, and other information will I need to bring with me?

This may be the most important part of the initial consultation. In order to have a complete picture of your current financial situation there are a few items you’ll need to bring with you to meet with our staff.

They include:

-Copies of all of your bills
-A copy of your paystub

It will also be necessary to know what other monthly expenses you incur such as:

-Gas For The Use Of Your Vehicles
-Monthly Expenses for Medicines or Medical
-Treatments That You Pay, Or That Include A Co-Pay
-Any Other Expenses You Have That Occur On A Monthly Basis

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Written by: Rebecca Kidd