Say “Be Mine” Without Going Broke

Savvy spending tips for Valentine’s Day It is that time of year again where men and women everywhere dream up ways to make that special someone feel special, and in a day and age where everything is public the bar keeps raising. Fun fact though you can say “be mine” without breaking the bank. So, Full Article +

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New Year. New You…Debt Free

It is that time of the year again where everyone begins making their New Year’s resolutions. Have you been thinking about what you would like to change for the New Year yet? Many resolutions focus on the usual things like improving one’s health or addressing a bad habit. However, improving your financial health and bad Full Article +

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Budgeting. Just How Important is it?

Every person at one time or another has attempted the daunting task of creating a budget. Usually, it goes well for a couple of weeks and then that well thought out budget is at the back of your mind. That budget you initially worked so hard on was thrown to the wind for one reason Full Article +

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I Lost My Job During My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Now What?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a consolidation of debt that allows you to use your income to pay back your creditors on a repayment plan. This repayment plan spans from three to five years. Many of your payments are dependent on your disposable income. Chapter 13 plans require you have a steady income flowing in Full Article +

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Bankruptcy Myths & Misconceptions

Usually, when we think about bankruptcy, the first thing that comes to mind is someone standing in a barrel with all of their belongings being stolen, or losing all your money on Wheel of Fortune. Bankruptcy is a word that has become taboo throughout the years. Fortunately, bankruptcy is not as bad as everyone thinks. Full Article +

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Buying a House Post-Bankruptcy

A primary concern for many Tennessee and North Georgia residents who are considering bankruptcy is their ability to purchase a home in the future. A bankruptcy myth that has been circulating for years is that it ruins your credit for life, and it will be a decade before you can recover. Everyone knows that to Full Article +

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